Child and Adolescent Outpatient

Children and Family Services

TCV Children and Family Services provides a full continuum of behavioral health care for children, adolescents and their families. Services include Prevention and Treatment Services in the office and in participating schools.

Outpatient Treatment Program

Children and Family Services Treatment provides brief, family-focused mental health treatment to children, adolescents and their families. Treatment includes assessment, treatment planning and family, individual and group therapies. Services also include psychiatric evaluations, medication monitoring and psycho-educational testing. These services can be Office-Based, School-Based or Community-Based through our intensive Wrap Around program.

Our Services:

  • Office-Based Outpatient Treatment
  • School-Based Outpatient Treatment
  • Community-Based Wraparound
  • Strengthening Early Learning Supports (SELS)

Family Services: Treatment

Office-Based Outpatient Treatment

Treatment services are available at the two Outpatient offices in Turtle Creek and Homestead.

For intake call: 412-351-0222

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1800 West Street
Homestead, PA 15120
412-464-4781 x2300

519 Penn Avenue, 2nd Floor
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School-Based Outpatient Treatment

Treatment services  can be provided on-site at participating schools during school hours.  The benefits of this approach are improved access to treatment for the student and family and increased efficiency in resolving problems that a student may be experiencing at school.  In several participating schools, these services are part of a continuum as described in our Prevention/Intervention Services section under “School Teams.”

Community-Based Wrap Around Services

The Wrap Around Program provides intensive, family-focused, mental health treatment for children, adolescents and their families in the home, school or community setting.  Services are provided to those who meet Wrap Around eligibility requirements.  Services include psychological evaulations to prescribe the services; Mobile Therapy Behavioral Specialist Consultation and Therapeutic Staff Support.

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1800 West Street (Rear 3rd Floor)
Homestead, PA 15120