Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

TCV provides a continuum of services, care and support that empowers individuals, families and communities with behavioral, mental health, substance abuse and/or developmental issues to sustain their recovery and achieve the important possibilities in their lives.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We never forget that we are here to serve our customers. Their needs define our services, programs and operations. We respect their choices.


We share and give others power. Through this process, our customers develop greater mastery and competence so that they can better solve their problems and meet their needs. Similarly, we support staff development and appropriately delegate tasks and encourage employee input.


We provide superior service and services. We are committed to quality improvement. We meet and exceed quality standards and customer expectations.


We respect, appreciate and understand differences. We strive for an organization that is increasingly reflective of and responsive to the customers and communities that we serve.


We do our jobs well. We are responsible for our actions — accountable to our customers and our co-workers — and expect and accept consequences related to our performance.


We work together to achieve common goals. We support and bring out the best in each other.


We inspire others to model our behavior, follow our direction, and achieve our vision.