Behavioral Health Services

TCV Community Services offers a variety of services for individuals experiencing difficulties related to mental illness.


Adult Mental Health Outpatient Programs

Outpatient services assist people with mental health concerns to gain an improvement in quality of life. This is done by helping individuals decrease  distressing symptoms via evidenced based approaches,  with an increase in coping and life-management skills. Services include:

  • Initial clinical assessment
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication management
  • Individual, group and family psychotherapy
  • Needed referrals to other eligible services
  • Outpatient therapists  work closely with community resources and a variety of agency programs, such as Service Coordination, Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Supported Employment to coordinate care.


Adult Outpatient now has dedicated time, weekly,  to attend an initial assessment at both locations. Please call the number below first. 

  • The Homestead location schedules assessments on Thursdays between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m.

1800 West Street, 4th Floor
Homestead, PA 15120

  • The Turtle Creek  location schedules walk in assessments on Mondays, between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

519 Penn Avenue, Suite 202
Turtle Creek, PA 15145

Turtle Creek Valley also provides outpatient services to adolescents and children.

Please see the Family Services section for more information.

Decision Support Center

The TCV  Psychiatric Shared Decision Support Center Best Practice Model (designed by Pat Deegan and Associates) was the first to open in Pennsylvania and the second in the United States.  It provides state of the art client-centered services that are integrated into an extended medical visit designed to illuminate client concerns and ambivalence about taking psychiatric medications.  Consumers are assisted by Peer Employees (who deeply understand the recovery process) to use  computers and software ahead of time for the doctor’s visit.

The resulting report helps prescribers and consumers come to a shared decision about what the consumer will do to help themselves in addition to taking medication.

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1800 West Street
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Community Residential Rehabilitation Services

Residential Services support adults with mental health needs, enabling them to live as independently as possible through the process of training and assistance in the skills of community living. Life skill assistance can be provided for a brief period or over an extended time and offers various levels of support. Based on the individual’s needs, services range from homes with 24-hour staff support to independent living with supported housing services. Specialized Community Living provides increased supports while living independently.

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1800 West Street
Homestead, PA 15120

Diversion and Acute Stabilization Program (DAS)

The Diversion and Acute Stabilization Program (DAS) provides short-term residential and mental health treatment for adults 18 and older. The program provides an alternative to inpatient hospitalization, when symptoms have increased but do not require an inpatient stay. It also provides an interim level of care for persons being discharged from community inpatient psychiatric hospitalization, who need more structure and treatment before returning home.

DAS residential staff support individuals with daily living activities and medication/health needs and coordinate recreational opportunities. The program offers a structured residential treatment setting where individuals can make significant improvements in stability while developing the foundation for ongoing recovery.

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1800 West Street
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For Direct Admission/Referrals from Hospital: call 412-906-0101

DAS referral process

Supported Employment Services

Using a skills-based approach, services are offered to individuals with mental illness to choose, get and keep a job. A Career Profile focuses on managing stress on the job, acquiring good work habits, developing an individual career plan, interviewing skills and how employment can affect benefits is offered to those who participate in the program. This service aims to assist job-seeking individuals with mental illness to:

  • Choose a job that meets their needs, interests, experiences and personal values;
  • Get a job by specifically locating, contacting/submitting applications and conducting interviews;
  • Keep a job by applying the necessary skills required for the position and;
  • Develop and utilize supports in order to maintain the position for as long as the individual desires.

Employment Services offers ongoing support with no time restrictions and emphasizes full and active involvement of the individual in all phases of the process, emphasizing individual choice at all times.

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1800 West St, 4th floor
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412-461-3811 ext. 5728 (ph)

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

The Adult Partial Program offers intensive psychiatric and dual recovery (mental health/substance abuse) treatment to those over 18 years old. Services include individual/group therapy and psychiatric consultation, five days a week. Specialty treatment is provided for individuals with dual treatment needs.

Supports are provided to encourage ongoing participation in community recovery meetings. The group treatment includes early recovery, anger management, health and medications, relationships, stress management, transitions and positive thinking.

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1800 West Street
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Social Rehab Program

The Social Rehabilitation Service engages people in life in addition to class psycho-educational opportunities. We utilize best practices such as Mindfulness, WRAP, SAMHSA Wellness 10×10 Campaign and Illness Management and Recovery to help people identify their existing strengths in managing their wellness. In addition, we facilitate the transition from “talking about recovery” to living out a recovery vision. We help members define their strengths, learn to manage their whole health, learn new skills, increase confidence by being exposed to a variety of volunteer, leadership and pre-employment opportunities and create a culture of hope.

Staff and members create anatmosphere that facilitates a sense of belonging, ownership and healthy connections. Members are actively involved in the design, development and management of the overall program. Our members are partners and leaders in the journey toward empowered and resilient living.

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For club activities: 412-461-3811 x5710